Running from a Bug Infestation

The threat of a bedbug infestation caused me and a lot of other people to move out of our apartments. Everyone was afraid of having the bugs latch onto their items and sucking their blood. I covered my items in plastic for a few days to make sure that none of them would follow me to the new stockbridge ga apartments for rent where I decided to live. I was hoping no one else would come to the same apartment building as me, but there was a high chance of that happening, because of how close the new building was to the old building.

The owner of the old apartment complex told all of the residents that he would honor anyone who wanted to get out of their lease because of the bedbugs. No one is sure where the bugs came from, but once they made their home at the apartments, fear and panic started to spread. Continue reading “Running from a Bug Infestation”

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Benefits And Purposes Of A Garden Shed

A garden at the back of your home can be a little sanctuary or a place to de-stress and relax after a busy day. Not many people can have this ‘me’ time, let alone sprucing up the small space where plants can thrive. This small open area for a few plants and shrubs is easier to maintain than a full landscaped yard, so it is also easier to beautify and transform.

This is where you can use your imagination in using simple tools and structures that can be found in many stores. You can take a look at cheap garden sheds first because these structures have many uses that can benefit your garden and home entirely. Continue reading “Benefits And Purposes Of A Garden Shed”

A Few Vegetable Gardening Tips For Newbies

photo credit: Bad Alley via photopin cc
photo credit: Bad Alley via photopin cc

Lately, many people in the city and suburbs are embracing the idea of urban gardening in support of the ‘green’ advocacies. These also include vegetable gardening as a form of sustainable food source for every family. It is a great way to help the environment while providing natural sources of nutrients for your family. Continue reading “A Few Vegetable Gardening Tips For Newbies”

Moving to the Other Side of Fort Worth

It is something that has become necessary and we have sort of lucked in to this great situation. It is not perfect by any means, but the place is well within our means. We have to figure out what we are going to do about the bills before we move, because I have to get the power and the Internet hooked up before the fact. We are going to need power to do some work to get the place ready to move in to. I already checked out Choose Texas Power dot org to figure out where to call to get the power hooked up. Continue reading “Moving to the Other Side of Fort Worth”

Top Space Saving Planting Tips

When it comes to gardening, green thumbs often end up struggling for space. Such a small space for the multitude of crops they want to grow! If you know what we are talking about, life probably seems pretty unfair to you. But don’t despair. You can grow a diversity of plants in your garden, no matter how big it is. Scroll down to read all the space saving tips we offer in this post.

photo credit: Brigitte Werner via Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

Continue reading “Top Space Saving Planting Tips”

Container Gardening For Your Balcony

Gardening is among the most relaxing and satisfying hobbies. In case you are a garden lover who has to live in a small apartment with limited free space, however, then you probably feel frustrated.

That’s not necessary because there is a solution even to this problem. You can still surround yourself with beautiful flowers and why not even grow your own organic vegetables by trying the popular container gardening method. It has a lot of advantages and that is one of the main reasons why so many people prefer it.  Continue reading “Container Gardening For Your Balcony”

Add Charm To Pots And Stones With A Little Moss

Each summer, I like to get the kids involved in a DIY project of some kind. At 7 and 5, they are still a tad bit young for the old hammer and nail but I always find “creative” ways for them to help me. This year, I thought it would be an excellent project for us to add a little age to some of the larger pots and stones in our yard with some artificially grown moss…to the dismay of my wife, she really loves that blender. Continue reading “Add Charm To Pots And Stones With A Little Moss”